Driving Loafers: The Look For Less

Those pale pink driving loafers have been on my wishlist for awhile, but the price tag just didn't make it feasible to pull the trigger. Especially for shoes since I tend to beat mine up (I apparently walk into a lot of things or trip as my toes on all my shoes are a mess!). So finding these from Old Navy was an awesome find! They come in a lot of neutral shades too but I love the blush & mint. 

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A Little Slice of Life

Another month with only one post- oops! The reality is since I stepped away from my last blog I've been focused more on the moment & doing things that are really important- spending time with the fam, getting work done, & spending any free time doing things I love like reading a good book. It's been refreshing & I don't regret quitting the blogging world for a minute, but it is nice to do more than post once a month! 

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Currently // February 2017

February is either a really great month or a terrible month for me. Never an in-between. On one hand it's my birthday month so I always have that to look forward to towards the end but the weather is always awful & depressing. Either way there are things I'm certainly looking forward to including the excuse to eat sweets on the 14th! 

Here's what I'm "Currently" loving...

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When You Have a Miscarriage (and Lessons on Being a Supportive Friend)

Two years ago I had a miscarriage, in between having Adelyn & Chase. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to say it was "in between" my two children but the experience taught me a lot. I've written this post countless times over the past two years but it's taken me awhile to formulate my thoughts. Sharing my own story was important to me though as pregnancy loss can be such an isolating experience.

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2017 Goals & Resolutions

Happy 2017! After kicking off the year with a sick family & finally tackling the Christmas decorations, it's time to address the dreaded word at this time of year: resolutions. 

So I get the hate towards resolutions but last year I tried out the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets & they are now going to be what I swear by each year for making attainable goals. Unfortunately they've just sold out but I'll go into a little detail below about the general goal setting process (also check out Lara Casey's blog for more). First, a look at some of my own goals.

Currently // January 2017

2016 ended & 2017 began with a wave of illnesses sweeping through our family. Stomach bugs, ear infections, possible flu- for the past week all 4 of us have been sick & a mess! I missed yesterday's "Currently" link up but a day late is better than nothing, right? What a start to the new year! 

Currently // December 2016

doing: Prepping for our vacation- Christmastime in London! It's the first vacation (beyond an overnight) that my husband & I have taken on our own, since we've had kids. And I've always wanted to go back to London during the holidays (I lived there as a kid). So we'll be going for a few days right before Christmas. Now that the time is creeping closer I'm finally allowing myself to get excited & thinking about packing! 

Christmas in D.C. Bucket List

Each year I begin to brainstorm a bucket list of holiday activities & each year the season flies by before any of it can happen. I have a feeling this year will be no different as our weekends are fully booked & we "lose" a week when we go to London (a sacrifice I'm willing to make!). But here are some of the D.C. holiday events that are a must-see, even if they're not marked off this year.

The Travel Wishlist

My husband likes to point out that while I'm generally fun when we arrive at a new place, I am the worst traveler. The getting through the airport & connecting flights & security- it all manages to fluster me. Once we're traveling I'm a pain because I get motion sickness on everything, including planes. No reading, no writing, nothing. I can watch movies thankfully but in general am a pain. 

With our trip to London coming up I'm trying to think about what items I'd need to make the plane ride a little more comfortable...